The silk eyelashes are made of quality silk fiber. Someone also called them faux mink eyelashes. They are made of curly fiber material which looks more close to the real mink fur. It’s not easy to distinguish them. The silk eyelashes are 100% cruelty-free vegan lashes. Compared with the real mink lashes, they are lightweight and at a better price. If you like the mink eyelashes styles but want a better price, silk lashes are a good choice.

Some virus are founded on some wild animals, even though all our eyelashes are sterilized by high temperature, if you are still worried about it, then you can pick the silk lashes which is safe enough for you.

Are the silk eyelashes also reusable? Some people may be worried about it. The answer is yes. They are also reusable. You can use it about 15-20 times with proper care. Just to clean it up after using and stock well.


1. Can I get samples before the bulk order?

No problem, just advise which color you like and how many samples you need.

2. Can I add my logo and company name to the boxes?

No problem, please send your name or company name, we will make a design draft for you.

3. How can I make the payment?

We accept payment with Paypal, Alibaba, western union, and T/T.

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