The glue is natural latex component, dries quickly without irritating the skin. And there is no irrtating smell, improve customer satisfaction.

Waterproof formula, lasting all day without falling off.

Easy to remove makeup without residue

Transparent after drying, creating a seamless nude makeup

How to use:

1) Adjust eyelash size

Take off the false eyelashes and bend it a few times, then cut to a length that suits you. Apply glue on tne band of the eyelashes, and apply more on the head and tail of the false eyelash.

2) Apply glue

After applying it, blow the glue for 10 seconds, and stick the eyelashes when the glue is semi-dry and transparent. At this time, the glue is sticky.

3) Wear false eyelashes

Clamp the false eyelashes with a clip and stick it to the root of the real eyelashes.

4) Wear reinforcement

After putting on the false eyelashes, press gently to make the glue fit the eyelids more closely

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