What’s 5D Mink eyelashes? Different from the 3d natural eyelashes, the 5d eyelashes are in more layer and longer to make the dramatic effect. They are used to blend with your own natural eyelashes to enhance the length, volume, and fullness of natural lashes.

The length for 5d mink eyelashes are over 22mm, the longest can be in 30mm. This let the false eyelashes are prominent over your eyes. And when make the eyelashes, usually the 3d mink eyelashes are in 5 layers to combing, but the 5d mink eyelashes are made in 7 layers, this make the eyelashes more stereoscopic.

The 5D Mink eyelashes are more suitable for the special moments like fancy dress ball, shopping with your girls. If you would like a heavier makeup feeling, they will pop up your eyes and make you charming and attractive.

Because the 5D mink eyelashes are longer and fuller then 3d eyelashes, they need pack with wider and higher eyelash packaging boxes. We have many stock boxes can meet the request, besides, it’s also no problem to make custom boxes accordingly.


1.What’s the price for sample?

The sample cost depends on the quantity you need and where you need to ship, please contact us for details.

2.How can I get the wholesale price?

We are the wholesaler, the price we quoted is wholesale price. If your order quantity is large, please contact us, we could offer better price.

3.How can I place the order?

Please contact us to talk about the detailed products you need and the quantity, after we confirm the price, we will send you the invoice to make the payment. We will process your order once you finish the payment.

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