As we know there’s 2 different material for the false eyelashes band. One is black cotton band, another one is the transparent clear band. What’s the difference between them?

The black band is made of cotton cord and black glue, the clear band is made of nylon fishing cord and the transparent glue. They are the different material. The clear band eyelashes are more natural looking and invisible and usually the clear band styles are short and natural curl, so it make the false eyelashes more real and close to your own natural lashes. However, the black band eyelashes have makes for a slightly bolder and more dramatic effect. You can check below picture for the different looking for the clear band and black band eyelashes.

So which one you should pick? If you are the beginner to use false eyelashes, I suggest you choose the clear band, it will be more easier to apply and make fancy effect. But I don’t mean the clear band lashes just fit for the beginners. The clear band and black bands are in different styles, you can switch between them to make different makeup feeling.


1.How can I make the payment?

We accept the payment with paypal, alibaba, western union and T/T.

2.May I have samples to check the quality before the bulk order?

No problem,we provide samples for it, you can check it firstly.

3.Can I make my custom packing box?

Yes, we could change the title paper with your logo and brand name directly or customized it as your request.

4.How can I get more information about the product?

You can click the button Send Inquiry or Chart Now to contact us, or you can add WhatsApp to talk more convenient. 

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