Synthetic Lashes Mink Styles Lashes are the most common type of false eyelashes, which are made of plastic man-made fibers. The lashes are thicker in comparison to the natural human lashes. Many people are curious about the difference between silk lashes and Synthetic Lashes Mink Styles Lashes. In fact, they are both made of man-made fiber, but Mink Styles Lashes are made of quality fiber and tend to imitate the effect of real mink eyelashes, they are both reusable. The price is much better than real mink lashes.

Since Synthetic Lashes Mink Styles Lashes are more affordable, it's usually sold by 5 pairs or 10 pairs kit. It's a good choice for the false eyelash beginners.


1.Do you accept small order or sample order?

Yes, we accept small order and sample order, we could start from small and expand in the future.We would like to build the long run customer relationship.

2.What shipping methods are available?

We could ship with DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT,Aramax, E-packet and so on. The price and shipping time is different, you can choose according to your request.

3.Can I make my custom packing box?

Yes, we could change the title paper with your logo and brand name directly or customized it as your request.

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